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    The AQUARIUS Page

    Characteristics of an Aquarius Baby

    By DP Nguyen

    If your baby's birthday falls between January 20 and February 18, he or she is an Aquarius. Your child shares his or her birthday with some successful and famous individuals. Famous Aquarius individuals include Paul Newman (actor, film director, and entrepreneur), Oprah Winfrey (TV talk show host), Susan B. Anthony (women's civil rights advocate), and Wolfgang Mozart (musician). As you can probably tell, these individuals have very similar characteristics - including being very talented in their field of work.

    An Aquarius infant may be sensitive, impulsive, and hard to understand at times. He or she may have a difficult time deciding whether or not to be crazy and outspoken or an intelligent prodigy that will make you proud. Because your Aquarius baby is independent at times, he should come up with his or her own decisions. Never force your own thoughts and beliefs on your baby - he or she will oppose them.

    Your Aquarius baby will have a huge number of friends. A typical characteristic of an Aquarius is their love of helping others whenever they can. The Aquarius baby enjoys other people's company and thrives on being liked. He or she will avoid arguments when possible, making them very likable and popular.

    When your Aquarius child is a baby, you should surround him with many different people from various walks of life. Your baby will enjoy making friends with individuals, even at this young age. Aquarius babies are people pleasers.

    Aquarius children love knowledge and enjoy the process of learning new things. Because of this, it's important for you as parents to encourage and nudge your child in the right direction. Be positive around him or her, as Aquarius babies and children have a strong sixth sense and they react very badly to negativity and negative energy.

    In the future, your Aquarius child will be talented in many areas and can succeed in any subject that he or she likes. Aquarius tend to do well in scientific research, executive management, and anything that involves selling. Because Aquarius individuals are well-liked, they can sell almost anything. They do well if there are incentives.

    To help your Aquarius infant along his or her way, you should decorate your nursery with the celestial nursery theme and a moon and stars baby crib bedding set and coordinating nursery decor. Having a creative baby's room will help guide your Aquarius baby on his destined journey of creativity, intelligence, and success.

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