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    The TAURUS Page


    Taurus is April 20 - May 21

    By Tony Luck

    Taurus babies are usually pleasant and peaceful to be around. Although sometimes a little shy and they tend to dislike being the center of attention, Taurus babies do adore affection, showing a great deal of affection in return. Temper tantrums are rare, but a Taurus baby can be stubborn and doesn't like to hear the word, "No." They can be determined to get their her own way. A young Taurus will work patiently on a project.

    When raising a Taurus it is best not to try to force your child to do something. The danger is that your child will turn stubborn and Taureans can hold their ground for a long time. It is best to avoid harsh commands; loving hugs will melt any resistance.

    Young Taureans can charm all adults, especially those of the opposite sex. Shows of physical affection toward your child are essential, but take care not to smoother her. Taurus children are sensitive to their surroundings and they will thrive in harmonious settings of both colour and sound. Soft sounds and shades of pink and blue will be calming to your baby.

    Both music and art will interest a Taurus child, so you should encourage listening to melodious music, drawing and colouring. Once a Taurus has learned something it will not be forgotten. It is important to encourage a Taurus child to express themselves through words, music, or art because there will be a tendency to hide their true feelings.

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