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    Spectrum: 1st color - the lowest of the seven spectrum colors
    Mars - God of War
    Musical Note:
    C - the lowest note on the scale - martial music

    Attributes: Strength, force, power, control and leadership. Stimulation, warmth, excitement. Good health, physical energy, love, sex, passion, courage, protection. Birth, life and death, birth and volcanic eruptions. Red is the chief color in any herbs or medicines having a heating and stimulating effect, such as cayenne, cloves or musk.

    Characteristics: A person who likes red can express many personality traits. The positive ones being passion, energy, and money making. The darker manifestations of those who favor reddish-brown colors can be addictions such as drugs, alcohol, eating disorders or emotional instability. Red-oranges are dynamic people persons who love the outdoors.

    High emotions are characteristic of those who like red with blue overtones. They can be energetic people to be with. Red personalities are seductive. Men are attracted to a woman wearing red regardless of how good looking she may be. Business people who wish to stand out wear red to meetings, expressing their desire for power and control. They crave the attention.

    The red personality makes others feel more energetic and vital. This personality may have a volatile temperament but cools off just as quickly. A bit of a know-it-all, the red person is quick to give others answers to any question. What they don't know, they will find out, as they are terrified of appearing stupid. They want everything done in a hurry. They are expert power nappers when they run out of energy and then bounce back as before.

    Red personalities feel all powerful and convince others that they are but they do not make good leaders. Under proper direction, they do make good followers and have no problems doing whatever needs doing to finish a job. A bit scattered, red personalities can go off on tangents, their attention span being limited. Quick minded, bright people, when focused, they can be very determined.


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