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    Attributes: Protection, purification, freshness, cold, and potential. Spiritual strength, faith, truth and sincerity. White reflects all light rays and is therefore cooling and restful. It is the sum of all colors.

    Characteristics: White is the color of purity, of new snow or heavenly light. Despite outward appearances, those who favor white may have flaws not apparent to others. They observe others and camouflage themselves in their environment, seeing themselves as special and above it all. Sometimes these people show a false sense of shyness, waiting to be noticed so that they may express their very outspoken thoughts.

    Regardless of their behavior, white people express a virginal attitude and are known for this by others. They examine others critically while not making them feel judged. Once approved, they tend to be happy at their appraisal. White personalities are reluctant to discuss their beliefs with others despite firmly holding to their beliefs. They are confident and assured in their self-awareness which is not to say they are not pleased when another acknowledges their beliefs as truth. Self-importance then, is integral to their personality and can be both a positive attribute or negative depending on the individual.


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