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    March Birthday Page

    Aquamarine is March's Birthstone

    For Pisces and Aries
    born in March

    By Sam Serio

    March Birthstone: Aquamarine
    Birthstone Powers: Courage, keen awareness, and victory

    Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone for March. It is also the accepted anniversary gemstone for the nineteenth year of marriage. Aquamarine is found mainly in Brazil, Nigeria and Zambia.

    The Water Baby Gem

    Created by combining Latin words for water (aqua) and sea (mare), aquamarine does indeed resemble the bottomless blue of seawater. Like Emerald, aquamarine is a variety of beryl (a mineral that crystallizes within large rocks on the earth's crust).

    Aquamarine and 18K Yellow Gold Plated
    Lotus Petal Stretch Bracelet

    Aquamarine varies in color from blue-green to a light sky blue, and for generations, those stones containing green are often heat-treated to remove this less desirable color. Surprisingly, unlike other coveted gemstones, the majority of aquamarines are flawless. As a gift, aquamarine is unsurpassed in its legendary abilities to preserve and enhance mutual love, to ensure truth in relationships and to maintain a good marriage

    Aquamarine Dust Hourglass
    Pendant & Necklace

    When In Rome...

    Ancient Romans believed the magnificent gemstone was sacred to Neptune, the god of the sea. Some legends say that it was a gift from mermaids, while others suggest that Neptune retrieved it after it fell from the jewel boxes of sirens and washed onto shore. Early sailors wore aquamarine talismans, engraved with the likeness of Neptune as protection against dangers at sea.

    The association with water led to the belief that the Aquamarine was particularly powerful when immersed in water. Water, in which this gemstone had been submerged, was used in ancient times to heal a variety of illnesses of the heart, liver, stomach, mouth and throat. Aquamarine was also used to cure poisoning and to aid in fortune telling.


    Many believe that aquamarine helps dependence on drugs, is an aid in digestion, and can be used as remedy for swollen glands and to maintain the health of the jaws and teeth.

    On the non-physical plain, aquamarine is believed to release anger and negativity replacing them with mental peace and clarity, providing emotional and mental balance. It has been used as an aid in meditation and to assist in self-expression.

    A Gift of Love

    To dream of aquamarine symbolizes the forming of new friendships. To wear aquamarine brings love and affection. To give aquamarine is to offer the gift of knowledge, foresight and individual inspiration. It is a universal symbol of youth, fidelity, hope and health.

    Ideal for carving into cameos and beads, the "blue sea" stone is said to aid seafarers. It is an auspicious gift for sailors, fishermen, and everyone who spends time at sea. Aquamarine represents safety and security, especially within long standing relationships.

    Caveat Emptor (Buyer beware): The beautiful light blue to blue-green color of aquamarine may fade upon prolonged exposure to light, so it is especially important to purchase this gem from a reputable source.

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