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    Numerology - House Number 5

    By Thomas Muldoon

    Continuing with this series of articles giving you insight into where you live... Consider this: the house or apartment of where you live, even the block of land you live on - chose you! That's right, even though you might think you chose where you live, I have news for you, it chose you...

    Developing this a little further, how many times have you heard (it may have even happened to you) of someone falling in love with a house but unable to afford it, yet - the finances became available. And, of those who had all their finances organised were unable to proceed to the sale for one reason or another. It's happened to me and I'm sure it's happened to you - it's all about where you live being where you're meant to be - lessons to be learnt - Karma to unfold or a journey to begin.

    House Number Five: Living here is like living in a hotel - expect all sorts of comings and goings at all hours of the day and night. Forget having a security door, what you need is a revolving one! Running a business from home is ideal and people who travel for a living often live here. Investors also like this number as it offers one of the best returns for minimal outlay.

    Geminis and Virgos are attracted to this number and if you are one of these signs you'll feel at home while living here, but must look after your skin and make sure all food is prepared in the cleanest of environments. Keep insurance policies up-to-date and all cash under lock and key.

    When purchasing or moving into this address, there's often a biscuit tin full of money or a safe hidden behind a picture, so if buying this house you should look everywhere! Some personal comments: Whenever the planet mercury goes retrograde (and it does once or twice a year) all sorts of things go wrong in the areas of communication, from letters being lost to the phone breaking down or being cut off, computers crashing and strange callers knocking on your front door. Check this out whenever Mercury turns retro and see what I mean.

    Another observation I have to offer you is the cyclic nature of this number where every 5 years of so the wheel turns upwards or downwards bringing good or bad 'luck' along the way. I've found that when you purchase on the upward cycle you make a profit, but when you purchase on the downward cycle you make a loss.

    Regarding cycles you have to understand Numerology and there's only nine years to a cycle but it's not as simple as counting 1-9, no way. The mathematics have all changed since we entered the years beginning with 2 (the year 2000) and no matter what you read elsewhere, Numerology has changed and having been involved with Numbers for as long as some you of have been alive, let me tell you - numbers are different now and the effect they have on each and every one of us is different than what it was during the 20th Century (1900 - 1999).

    Numerology and Astrology have been my life and passion for more than 30 years. I've been published numerous times and still have something new to offer each time I hit the keyboard - who wants to read the same old same old? I believe if you have a philosophy and no one knows about it, it doesn't mean anything. If you have an idea or insight and tell no one - it's meaningless.

    Thomas's books include:

  • Numerology for the 21st Century: Past Lives, Astrology, Soul Mates, House Numbers

  • Solar/Lunar Astrology

  • House Numbers - Their Hidden Meaning - Kindle

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