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    Numerology - House Number 7

    By Thomas Muldoon

    Do you live in a House or Apartment Number Seven?

    Consider this: the house or apartment of where you live, even the block of land - chose you! That's right, even though you might think you chose where you live, I have news for you, it chose you.

    House Number Seven: A strange number which may even be a bit spooky -- being haunted by the memories of the previous occupants! Check the water table and the area for flooding, as well as the pipes, for leaks. This residence needs to be near water for the 'energy' to be released in a positive way, so, if you're not overlooking an ocean, river, lake or can see water in the distance, consider putting in a pool. If you can't afford a pool think about an aquarium or a fish bowl and you'll go a long way to making this place the place for you - create some kind of 'water feature' if none of the above appeals.

    Expect a few visits to the local hospital, either as a patient or a visitor - you may even work there! Voluntary work, being involved with community projects and organisations are all indicated. Pisceans are drawn to and benefit from living at this address which is linked to the planet Neptune and associated with the 12th sector of the zodiac.

    If you are born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month and moving into this number, you're coming 'home' and a fresh start to life is indicated. If you've lived here for some time and moving on, it's likely you'll leave behind memories (happy or sad) for future occupants so, consider a 'clearing' or 'cleansing' if the memories were unhappy!

    Anyone (no matter their date of birth) moving into this number should consider a 'cleansing' exercise if you feel any 'negative or bad' vibes. Remember, all those born to Birth Number Seven are potentially psychic or have psychic leanings and 'respond' to their surroundings in more ways than they know. If there are happy memories you'll feel them, if unhappy you'll react to them - believe me

    Look after your feet and avoid drafts. When worried about others, avoid reaching for a drink, for this number has seen more than its share of alcoholics! Keep all medicines out of the reach of young children and don't even think about dabbling in drugs!

    On a positive note there'll be a few spiritual moments, a few insights into the meaning of the word SPIRIT. Read as much as you can on the meaning of life - stay positive and above all else know in your heart of hearts this is where you're meant to be for the moment, for this house, apartment, flat or block has chosen you.

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    House Numbers
    Their Hidden Meaning

    By Numerologist Thomas Muldoon.

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