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    The LEO Page

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    Romantic Compatibility of Leo through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of


    This can be an extremely testing and stimulating relationship. Leo and Aquarius are an interesting combination of excitement, friendship and sexuality. There will never be boring moments with these two.

    Social gatherings and functions will keep the relationship motivated. Both need liberty and share similar imaginative abilities.

    Leo and Aquarius will share a fascinating love affair and sex life. Aquarius needs to give Leo appreciation for his/her attempt at laughter. Aquarius could bring spirituality to Leo's life.

    Leo - Aquarius Couples
    Deion Sanders (Leo) and Tracey Edmonds (Aquarius)
    Justin Theroux (Leo) and Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)
    Sam Elliott (Leo) and Katharine Ross (Aquarius)
    Loni Anderson (Leo) and Burt Reynolds (Aquarius)
    Whitney Houston (Leo) and Bobby Brown (Aquarius)
    Roman Polanski (Leo) and Sharon Tate (Aquarius)

    Erotic Astrology:
    Leo Playmate:

    A relationship guide
    to understanding which
    sun signs are compatible
    and which collide
    in Leo's lair.

    Your Guide to the Leo Man

    Naked Leo

    The Sexual Compatibility of Leo with:
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