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    The LEO Page

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    Romantic Compatibility of Leo through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of
    LEO and GEMINI

    Leo is seriously drawn to Gemini's beauty, brain and sex appeal. Gemini is humorous and can make Leo laugh, which is another plus. Leo will be up for the challenge of strange Gemini.

    Gemini sees Leo as the best-looking lover they have ever had. There are great sex possibilities and long-term opportunity.

    To make this relationship work Leo should provide Gemini lots of liberty and keep his or her humor on at all times. Gemini should remain a mystery to Leo always for best outcome. Sex will be hot but Gemini may keep secrets from Leo. Be Careful Leo!

    Leo - Gemini Couples:
    Johnny McDaid (Leo) and Courtney Cox (Gemini)
    Billy Bob Thornton (Leo) and Angelina Jolie (Gemini)
    Debra Messing (Leo) and Daniel Zelman (Gemini)
    Patrick Swayze (Leo) and Lisa Niemi (Gemini)

    Erotic Astrology:
    Leo Playmate:

    A relationship guide
    to understanding which
    sun signs are compatible
    and which collide
    in Leo's lair.

    Your Guide to the Leo Man

    Naked Leo

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    Aries  |  Taurus  |  Gemini  |  Cancer  |  Leo  |  Virgo  |  Libra   |  Scorpio  |  Sagittarius  |  Capricorn  |  Aquarius  |  Pisces

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