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    The LEO PAGE

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    Romantic Compatibility of Leo through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of

    LEO and PISCES

    There can be an immediate attraction when Leo meets up with Pisces. Pisces will be attracted to Leo's confidence. Leo will be attracted to Pisces powerful sexuality.

    Problems will occur when Pisces needs room. Leo is mostly truthful and will not tolerate treachery. Pisces will find Leo much more forceful than they had anticipated.

    Leo will yell when not treated like royals and Pisces will shut down straight away and go away when they sense exploitation or deceitful behavior. Leo will finally wrap up that Pisces wasn't the right person in any case.

    Free Personal Horoscope
    with Lucky Numbers

    Leo - Pisces Couples
    Tom Brady (Leo) and Gisele Bundchen (Pisces)
    Jennifer Lawrence (Leo) and Chris Martin (Pisces)
    Rick Fox (Leo) and Vanessa Williams (Pisces)
    Eddie Fisher (Leo) and Elizabeth Taylor (Pisces)
    Lucille Ball (Leo) and Desi Arnaz (Pisces)

    Leo Compatibility

    Erotic Astrology:
    Leo Playmate:

    A relationship guide
    to understanding which
    sun signs are compatible
    and which collide
    in Leo's lair.

    Your Guide to the Leo Man

    Naked Leo

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