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    The PISCES Page

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    Romantic Compatibility of Pisces through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of Pisces and Libra

    By Amy E. Ellis

    Both will be romantic at first but each is coming from a different place. Pisces will be dreamy and bare every emotion on both sleeves. Libra will think Pisces is their ideal mate and look for intellectual similarities.

    Eventually, Pisces may get the cold shoulder when Libra is feeling suffocated by the tears and drama. If either one has their moon in the other's sign, the prognosis is positive and each will understand the other.

    Otherwise, the wet blank and the cool cucumber will be left wanting more. Pisces will need more emotional input. Libra will be wanting fewer displays of emotion.

    When Libra's sexual attraction to Pisces wanes, the end is right around the corner.

    About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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