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    The PISCES Page

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    Romantic Compatibility of Pisces through the signs.

    The Sexual Compatibility of Pisces and Sagittarius

    By Amy E. Ellis

    These two will come together eventually for sex. The attraction is undeniable and the potential seems amazing at first. Pisces gets relief from blue moods with Sagittarius. Sagittarius gets a deep connection and may be very intrigued by the seductive ways of Pisces.

    This is a challenging combination as Pisces is a water sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Pisces will live through their emotions while Sagittarius will skim only the surface. Sagittarius could find Pisces approach to life emotionally draining at times. Pisces could mistake Sagittarius for a loyal friend.

    Secrets and scandals are often a result when these two signs get together. There will be interference from friends, past loves and family members. Sex will always be good but love will be another story. Over time, the attraction could fade due to gossip, suspicion and secrets. This relationship will leave Pisces seeking a deeper connection and Sagittarius seeking someone less serious.

    About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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