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  • The Sexual Compatibility of Leo through the signs.

    The Romantic Compatibility of

    By Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed

    There is initial physical attraction between these two, but Aquarius's tendency to analyze and criticize will shake Leo's confidence and deflate its ego. Leo views Aquarius's aloof emotions as a personal rejection. Also, Aquarius's unconventional, experimental approach to love may prove upsetting to Leo who doesn't like to wander too far afield. Both like socializing and meeting new people, but Leo always needs to perform on center stage which makes Aquarius impatient and irritable. Aquarius is too independent to become Leo's devoted subject. And that's where it ends.

    Famous Leo/Aquarius Couples:

  • Joe Jonas (Leo) & Ashley Greene (Aquarius)
  • Hayden Panettiere (Leo) & Stephen Colletti (Aquarius)
  • Justin Theroux (Leo) & Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)
  • Milas Kunis (Leo) & Ashton Kutcher (Aquarius)

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