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    The Romantic Compatibility of

    By Myriam Maytorena, M.Ed

    Leo is drawn to Virgo's intellectualism, but Virgo doesn't understand Leo's dramatic nature. Leo can't get from cool, reserved Virgo the sexual responsiveness it demands. Virgo is practical and prudent; Leo is extravagant and a spendthrift.

    Leo likes to live life in a really big way, but Virgo is conservative, frugal and a nit-picker -- which puts a damper on Leo's high spirits. Virgo won't be dominated either. Leo needs lots of flattery, but Virgo's tendency is to puncture inflated egos. Both of them should look elsewhere.

    Famous Leo/Virgo Couples:

  • Jennifer Lopez (Leo) & Marc Anthony (Virgo)
  • Madonna (Leo) & Guy Ritchie (Virgo)
  • Elena Kuletskaya (Leo) & Mickey Rourke (Virgo)
  • Milas Kunis (Leo) & Macaulay Culkin (Virgo)
  • Spencer Pratt (Leo) & Heidi Montag (Virgo)
  • Abbie Cornish (Leo) & Ryan Phillippe (Virgo)
  • Meghan Markle (Leo) & Prince Harry (Virgo)

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