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    Crystals For Aries

    By Darlene Siddons

    March 21 - April 19th

    Birthstone: Diamond (article)

    Abundance Stone: Carnelian (at Amazon)

    Aries are natural leaders, and although your natural stone Ruby assists you to focus on present tasks and to spice up your life and resonates with the passion and vitality you possess, you need to pay attention to this as it can over stimulate you and this is where the Diamond comes in. It cools the fiery Ruby natural and balances out that energy.

    Diamond also helps you bond with friends and a partner, and allows you to be more giving and thoughtful. Persistence and tenacity are not your strong attributes; you tend to start projects and not finish them.

    To assist you in encouraging leadership and completion of projects carry Aventurine. Aventurine also assists in diminishing anger and volatile situations so you can be a great leader and make good decisive decisions.

    Among one of your challenges in being an Aries is the think-before-you-act characteristic. The solution for this is carrying Jasper. You also tend to be headstrong and abrasive towards life and people. That along with impatience adds up to stress along life's pathway. Howlite crystal/stone calms these tendencies and brings peace to your life and lets you co-work easier with others.

    There is one other challenge that an Aries faces and that is they loathe criticism even when it is for their own good. Citrine calms this challenge and also helps you be spontaneous and positive in all your actions with other people.

    Aragonite is very useful for encouraging mental flexibility to look at the bigger picture and to think out side of the box. Your weak areas of your body are the head and the adrenal glands; Amethyst can soothe those headaches and Green Calcite works perfectly with the adrenal glands. For an over-all healing stone for Aries get a Fire Agate; it also helps ground you. It is a calming stone for you also.

    Thought for a Day: "With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose." - Wayne Dyer -

    About the Author- Darlene Siddons has researched, practiced and implemented many spiritual and personal growth paths: Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Feng Shui for personal tranquility; Sacred Movements for a disciplined life; Gentle Touch Energy Healer; Whole and organic food advocate-Food as Medicine. She resides in California in her own personal wellness center and sanctuary.

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