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    Crystals for the Sign of LIBRA

    September 23 - October 22

    By Darlene Siddons

    Birthstone: Sapphire and Opal
    Abundance Crystal: Sapphire

    You are attracted to harmonious colors and they are very important to you; this is the reason Sapphire resonates with Libras so well. Sapphire is known as the peace stone and it helps you align with the mental, spiritual, and physical areas of your life. It keeps you in balance which is also important to you. You love a tranquil life and Sapphire creates this automatically for you. All you have to do is carry it on you and/or wear it.

    A Libra is happiest when in a loving partnership. Your other birthstone the Opal supports faithfulness which is very important to you. You are known as a laid-back sign and prefer things to come easy rather than work hard to get them. There is also a tendency toward indecision and you lean toward perfection in all that you do.

    Opal stimulates your creativity and assists to increase your intuition. Opal also encourages and supports a positive outlook, as your image and looking good is important to you. So, if your self worth is low, Opal can raise it to a level where you feel better about yourself.

    People-pleasing is easy for you. You really dislike confrontations and it is very important to you that people like you. So you often tend to put others before yourself. If this tends to be an issue with you, carry a Tiger's Eye and it will turn your attention back to yourself and align your inner with your outer.

    Tiger's Eye

    Because of your strong pull towards perfection, you can be judgmental at times, but wearing or carrying an Aquamarine will help you have more tolerance towards others and allow more room for others to make their own mistakes.

    As with all sun signs there are certain areas of the body that show up weaker than others, and you are no exception. The kidneys, the lumbar region and the endocrine areas are your weak spots. Jade is great for the kidneys since it cleanses, purifies and energizes the kidneys and has been used that way for many years. Fire Opal is great for the lumbar and also the kidneys and can be used to stimulate the sexual organs also. Amethyst supports the endocrine system and can promote healthy hormones and can balance the endocrine system.

    About the Author- Darlene Siddons has researched, practiced and implemented many spiritual and personal growth paths: Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Feng Shui for personal tranquility; Sacred Movements for a disciplined life; Gentle Touch Energy Healer; Whole and organic food advocate-Food as Medicine. She resides in California in her own personal wellness center and sanctuary. Selfgrowth.com

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