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    Crystals for SCORPIO

    October 23 - November 21

    By Darlene Siddons

    Birthstone: Turquoise
    Abundance Stone: Hawk's Eye

    Scorpio is known for their dynamite personality and one of the crystals that resonates with the intensity of your sun sign is Malachite. It also absorbs negative energy and environment pollutants. This crystal is also great for tapping into your spiritual energy and encourages enlightenment from your subconscious mind and your higher consciousness.

    Turquoise, which is your birthstone tones down the fierceness of Malachite and tends to calm your inner being. An interesting characteristic of Turquoise is that when it is in the presence of infidelity it can change colors, so this is something for the Scorpio to keep in mind, as you are prone to infidelity. Scorpio is very loyal to their partners, which sounds like we are talking out of both sides of our mouth, but loyalty and infidelity are complete different subjects, at least that is what they will say.

    Natural Raw Turquoise

    You are a leader and have the knack to figure out all the details of a project, and can go into territory that has not been explored without any fear. Carrying a Topaz is great for attracting your wealth and people you need to get the job done. This stone is also great for keeping your battery charged, which you need as you tend to run on full speed ahead when you are working on something.

    Scorpio has a tendency to lean towards the healing arts as they are known as a natural born healer, you have the ability to diagnose and to see beneath the surface of things. The best crystal for you to use for healing purposes is Charoite, as it tends to enhance your perception and to ground you. It also tends to encourage emotional healing for yourself and others.

    Power seems to be your biggest challenge and this is in every area of your life. To balance this out carry an Apache Tear as it will balance out your tendencies of needing to have power over all of your situations and people. Your tongue is also a challenge for you and it is known to leave a lasting sting when you don't keep it in check, carrying a Hiddenite as it calms your verbal abuse, your intolerance and your being judgmental.

    Your weak areas of the body are the reproductive and elimination systems, you can use Thulite for the reproductive organs and Chrysoprase is good for the prostate gland and the fallopian tubes; and Topaz works on the testes, uterus and bladder.

    Thought for a Day: "With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose." -Wayne Dyer-

    About the Author- Darlene Siddons has researched, practiced and implemented many spiritual and personal growth paths: Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Feng Shui for personal tranquility; Sacred Movements for a disciplined life; Gentle Touch Energy Healer; Whole and organic food advocate-Food as Medicine. She resides in California in her own personal wellness center and sanctuary. Selfgrowth.com

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