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    The AQUARIUS Page

    Gift Ideas for Aquarius

    January 20 - February 18

    Aquarius likes the color electric blue, futuristic items, programs in beta, the weird and offbeat. Aquarians are "progressive."

  • Aquarius Apparel at Ebay

  • Aquarius Gift Ideas at Amazon:

    14K Yellow Gold Plated
    Sterling Silver Aquarius Pendant Necklace, 18"

    Sterling Silver Aquarius Constellation Necklace

    Aquarius Metal Wall Art - Handmade
    Choose Size, Color, and Zodiac Symbol

    Healing Crystals for Aquarius

    Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Aquarius Ring

    14k Gold Plated Aquarius Pendant & Necklace

    Aquarius Necklace

    Aquarius Sterling Silver Ring

    Garnet is the Birthstone
    for Aquarians born in January

    Jumbo Happy Birthday Card - Aquarius

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