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    April 20 - May 20

    Taurus likes the color emerald green or Chinese red, heavy jewelry, garden supplies, plants rather than flowers, opals, baked goods, candy, and carbs.

    Taurus have expensive tastes and if they aren't artists themselves, they will tastefully decorate their homes with lots of color in their wall hangings. Big sculptures and water fountains will be prominently displayed.

    They also love to cook to entertain rather than providing a daily meal. Gourmet Cookware to display at their frequent dinner parties will be a welcome gift. Just make sure they don't already have it. (BTW, Taurus are excellent hosts)

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    logo Lucky Coins - There's not much that beats the sound of coins jingling and jangling in a Taurus' pocket. Get a bunch of these pretty Chinese Fortune Coins for less than $10 at Ebay. (Your creative Taurus will likely make jewelry with them.)

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    Here's our page for Crystals for Taurus.

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