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    Gift Ideas for Cancer

    (June 20 - July 22)

    Cancer likes comfort foods, silver jewelry, antiques, lace, moonlight tours, rescue cats, and crochet clothing.

    Cancer Stuffed - Big huggable life-like stuffed animals remind Cancers of childhood comforts. They have about six adorable stuffed Crabs, the symbol of the Cancer sign. Stuffed Ghost Crab ... Stuffed Dungeness Crab ... Stuffed Hermit Crab

    Cancer Purses - Cancers have a thing for large and fashionable tote bags and purses to carry their many items they don't want to leave at home.

    Cancer Flirty aprons - Cancers love sprucing up while they cook.

    Cancer Rediscovering the Magic of Childhood at HearthSong - Toys that Cancers enjoy as much as their kids do.

    Cancer Products at Amazon

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    logo Kitchen and Home Items for Cancer

    Don't forget They might be less expensive than Amazon.

    Cancer Pendant

    Silver Cancer Pendant Talisman

    Limited Edition - The Cancer talismans were assembled on the 7th of July at Sunrise - the time of the greatest sun influence on Cancer.

    As a known astrological principle we aspire to fully embody the energy of our sun sign - the generator of the life force and power.

    The talisman contains Silver - the metal that represents the Cancer sign.

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    Elegant Jewelry in Soy Candle

    Pick Your Scent and Jewelry Type.

    Every candle contains a piece of jewelry hidden inside valued from $10 to $5,000.

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