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These beautiful Aries gift sets make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you love who is born under the sun sign of Aries or moon ruled by Aries.

Mini Aries Gift Set $20 Includes Hematite * Bloodstone * Green Aventurine * Small Floral Smudge Stick Made Of Sage, Bay Laurel, Lavender & Rose.

Description of crystals for the Aries Stones on beautiful thick card stock. Sustainable & Non-Toxic.

"All of my smudge sticks are created using only wild herbs, plants and trimmings collected from my own gardens where I never use any harmful pesticides, synthetics, or fillers. The Items in the set are unique and will slightly differ from the image in this listing."

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    (March 20 - April 20)

    Aries likes the color red, hats, fast cars, fast food, steak, and apparel that makes them look casually dignified.

    It's at Ebay. Aries is always racing around starting one project and then another. Make sure your favorite Aries is always on time for every new endeavor.

    logo Red Hats - Aries women wear more hats than any other sign, and you can bet there's at least one red hat in the closet. But they would also like colors that complement their red apparel. Aries rules the head and much pride goes into what's on top of it, even if it's just red hair like Aries Reba McEntire.

    logo Tshirts - But must be colorful, especially red! Go with a saying that starts with "I," such as "I am", I want, I have, I love, I need" etc. Depending on your Aries' need for action, they will like themes that include sports cars, motor cycles, combat, boxing, war, big trucks, military... and at least a streak of red on it!

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