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Aries Tapestry

Faux Leather Wallet - Aries - Personalized Engraving Included

Aries Throw Pillow


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(March 20 - April 20)

Aries likes the color red, hats, fast cars, fast food, steak and potatoes, and apparel that makes them look casually dignified.

Tree of Life / Chakras Hanging Crystals

Aries Retro Gold-Plated Constellation Necklace

Seed of Life (Aries) Pendant

In Gold or Silver

Jackpot Candles with Ring Inside
(Surprise Jewelry Valued at $15 to $5,000)

Neon Aries Sign

Orgonite Necklace, Eye of Horus, Amulet of Protection

Aries Juicy Lips T-Shirt

Aries Sterling Silver Ring

Handmade Aries Crystal Healing Stones Gift Set

These beautiful Aries gift sets make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone you love who is born under the sun sign of Aries or moon ruled by Aries.

Mini Aries Gift Set $20 Includes Hematite * Bloodstone * Green Aventurine * Small Floral Smudge Stick Made Of Sage, Bay Laurel, Lavender & Rose.

Description of crystals for the Aries Stones on beautiful thick card stock. Sustainable & Non-Toxic.

"All of my smudge sticks are created using only wild herbs, plants and trimmings collected from my own gardens where I never use any harmful pesticides, synthetics, or fillers. The Items in the set are unique and will slightly differ from the image in this listing."

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Aries Tote

Yellow Gold 14k Aries Rope Ring

Pattern of Life Ring

in Silver or Gold