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  • Leo Earrings in 14K Gold
    Spiritually Infused Leo Earrings
    in Gold or Silver

    Designed with intention. Wear your Leo jewelry as a reminder to fulfill your destiny and happiness by focusing on your positive Leo qualities - Leadership with Love, Self-confidence without Arrogance.


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    Healing Crystals and Gemstones for Leo

    Leo Products at Ebay

    Gifts for Leo

    July 22 - August 22

    Leo likes the color yellow, gold jewelry, sun tans, being the center of attention, glamour shots of themselves, and ornate mirrors.

    Lion art and statues are dear to their heart. A bouquet of sunflowers will go a long way. But the secret to getting them the perfect gift is to give them something that makes them look good, like a solid gold pendant of their initial or their Leo sign - something they would be proud to show.

    Orgonite / Tiger Eye Pendant and Necklace

    Tiger Eye is the Birth Stone and Abundance Stone for Leos

    Orgonite / Rose Quartz

    for the Heart Chakra

    Leo How to Attract Good Luck Using Gifts From the Earth

    Leo Real GOLD!
    Leos can't get enough of it. And they look good in gold accessories and gold fabric. Most Leos have beautiful tans. They become gods or goddesses with gold baubles and bangles wrapped and draped on their sun-kissed bodies. Leo men are extra handsome wearing a tasteful gold necklace.

    Leo Gift a Psychic Reading to the Leo in your life who could use some advice. Leos are often too proud to seek advice, but if it's a gift, they are more likely to act on it.

    Leo Modern Artisans Gifts - Leos are creative and have an eye for beauty and adornments.

    More Gifts Ideas for Leos at Amazon

    Jumbo Happy Birthday Card for Leo

    8.5 x 11 Inch

    Crystal Healing Box Set for Leos

    Detailed card inside describing the benefits of each stones. Companion stones to your Birthstone - The healing stones include: Orange Calcite, Citrine, Tigers Eye, Emerald, Red Jasper, Pyrite. Carry them, keep them nearby, meditate with them!

    18kt Yellow Gold Wide Byzantine Ring

    The LEO Page

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