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    Gift Ideas for Gemini


    May 20 - June 20

    Gemini typically likes all colors but is least fond of brown and tan. Variety is a necessity in life for them, as are things that come in pairs, new people and places, and phones.

    An Online Dating membership. It's a sad, lonely Gemini who doesn't have a loving partner who resonates on a mental level. Here are a few online dating sites to get started: Romantic Realms.

    Gemini 3d Diamond Painting Kits

    Kate Bissett Baubles White Gardenia Scented Premium Candle and Jewelry with Surprise Pendant Inside - Made in USA | Parrafin Free

    Merkaba in Gold or Silver
    The Merkaba is a powerful healing and protection tool!

    Gemini Tablecloth

    Gemini Crystal Gemstone Gift Set

    Gemini: Your Cosmic Coloring Book

    Gemini Baby Bodysuit
    More Colors & Sizes Available

    Gemini Personality Tshirt
    For Men, Women, Youth

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