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Virgo Backpack - Diaper Daypack Nappy Bags for Baby Care - Large Capacity

Earth Element Balancing for Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Virgo Candle with Surprise Prize Valued at $15 - $7,500 Inside!

Choose From 30+ Scents

Virgo Dangle Earrings

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    Virgo Gift Ideas for Virgo Virgo

    August 22 - September 22

    Virgo typically likes cleanliness, the color brown, massage products, tools to fix things, needlepoint, puzzles, organizers, and small pets. Most Virgos like to cook, so you can't go wrong with the latest kitchen gadget, but it must be high quality.

    logo Virgo 2020 Horoscope Calendars

    logo Fidget Spinner - This had to be made with Virgos (and Geminis) in mind. Both signs tend to be high strung and need an outlet for their nervous energy.

    logo Mushroom Kit - Small, edible, natural, healthy, mini garden - all in one kit. Virgos will love this!

    logo Bird Houses - Virgos like small critters to nurture, especially if they aren't making a mess in the house. Virgos are particularly fond of birds. Most members of the Audubon Society are probably Virgos.

    logo Organic Plants and Herbs - even better if you order some edible ones.

    logo Gift Cards
    No Fees, no expiration dates. A safe choice for everyone.
    - Gift cards for kids and teens, too.
    - Choose a plastic gift card or eGift card.
    - Choose a gift card amount $10-$500.
    - Earn reward points on select gift cards and save on future gift card purchases.

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    Jumbo Virgo Birthday Card

    8.5 x 11 Inch

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    Virgo Sign Wine Glass

    14K Gold Vermeil Heart Beat Necklace

    Perfect Gift for anyone in the medical field.

    Virgo PopSockets Grip & Stand for Phones and Tablets

    Leanin' Tree Virgo - Josephine Wall Greeting Card

    Zippo Virgo
    Chrome Lighter

    Sacred Symbol Jewelry