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Books by Jayne Chilkes

One of the world's foremost authorities on twin souls and soul mates.
Twelve Steps to Heaven:
Introducing Twin Flames,
Angels and Soul Wisdom

This book tells of a unique and intriguing spiritual path with a totally original approach, reaching for your true Soul's destiny. Twelve Steps to Heaven offers you an approach to reach for your Soul and teaches you how to realise your greatness. This book covers the training and steps involved in becoming a Channel for a Soul Grouping, their Wisdom and how to transform from human to Soul awareness, bringing Heaven to Earth. It also includes visualizations and exercises.

Call of an Angel

If you want to understand your spiritual path, The Call of an Angel offers unique insights, techniques, tools and a solid foundation to heal your life. The Call of an Angel is a guide to spiritual awakening and the opening of healing abilities innate in us all. Author Jayne Chilkes shares her life journey from being a fashion designer, steeped in the superficial and what is "outside," to finding her deeper sensitivity and what is "inside."

Books by By Shanna Mac Lean and Yael Powell

Eternal Twin Flame Love

Shanna Pra has found her twin soul.
I highly recommend this book
to anyone who is searching for their own twin soul. And deep down, that is all of us; this book will explain why. ~ Tara

Say 'Yes' to Love: God Unveils Soul Mate Love and Sacred Sexuality

Say 'Yes' to Love: God's Guidance to Lightworkers

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Divine Intervention II
A Guide To Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and Kindred Spirits

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